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Top Must-Haves For Solo Female Travelers

Are you a woman planning a tour to the coastal islands of Greece? Or are you going on a cross-country tour across the USA? Whatever is the destination, it surely makes sense to carry light. If you are a solo female traveler, here are a few tips for you to take along when you tour the world henceforth. 

 Clothes As Per the Destination

Check the climate of your travel destination before departure and pack accordingly. Go for layering clothes instead of going for bulky jackets. Or carry one jacket instead of three since it saves space. Don’t worry about what t-shirts to carry when you are going to stay out more in the open in these cold destinations since they will be under layers of jacket anyhow. Do not take any high maintenance clothes on trips. Women usually, cannot make their mind on clothes to carry. So start packing early. Don’t take many clothes. 


 Prepare Your Medical Kit

Make a checklist for the medicines you need when you travel solo. Don’t take risks of assuming the medicines will be available in the destination if you are going far. Take the prescription along for the essential medications you take. Pack these in airtight pouches with zip locks. 


 Carry a Backpack and a Handy Pouch Bag

The backpack can have clothes and medicines, and every other thing. These can have from passports to limited cash, credit or debit cards, to ID proofs, to even their photocopies and your passport photographs. These can be handy, and you can have your mobile phones, earphones, and chargers too if they can accommodate. Instead of pouches, you can go for a small tote or messenger bags. 


 Go Comfy on Shoes

If you spend your days in loafers and jog and trek in these all year, they are fine for the destination as well. Carry a few pairs of socks and a different pair of boots only if you aregoing on a trekking expedition. In that case, you will need 2 pairs of shoes. 


 Go for Basic Cosmetics

You are going solo, so simply restrict your cosmetics to the most basic ones like sunscreen, or suntan, moisturizers, lip balms, and an antiseptic. 

We are not including your camera, USB chargers, and one light blanket since these are always going to be there. Don’t forget to carry a small notebook and pen for some old-school journaling of places you travel.

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