Driving from South Florida to North Florida

Photo by Ian Turnell on

Hello! I recently took a quick business trip to North Florida and realized that I could give a few tips to others doing the same thing. Depending on how much time on and off the road you have, here are some things you could add to your trip. If you are adventurous and want to see some of the state parks, engage in outdoor activities, or just want some quick pit stop suggestions. I got something for you!

Let’s get into some of the adventurous activities one could get into. If you are not scared of guns and are into going to gun shows. There is a North Florida Gun Show you could visit. Here is a link to upcoming gun show events This might be something more for the guys to participate in. Now, for some family-friendly and couple-friendly activities. Let’s talk about Manatee Spring’s State Park in Chiefland, Florida. The city I recently spent some time in. Check out this video to get a better idea of what it looks like, start at 3:06 min. This place is quite beautiful and if your goal is to get outdoors and enjoy nature and all its beauty, I recommend stopping here! This place has beauty and fun written all over it. You’re going to love the crystal clear manatee springs. Make sure to bring an intertube to float on and relax in this gorgeous, warm, Florida spring. The manatees are more prevalent in the winter months and around this time you could observe around 500 manatees in their natural habitat, enjoying the warm beautiful waters of the park. Here is another video giving more insight about fun activities at the park like snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving,

North Florida is a much more subtle and natural place to travel through and spend time. Right now there is an enormous amount of love bugs on the road, so don’t forget to make your rest stops along the way, and go through their free window cleaning spray on your way back to the road. I noticed along my travels all the farmland, cows, and horses, which are a sight to see. Also, don’t forget to send out a good “MOO” or “NEIGH” and see if the animals talk back! The kids will love it. As you travel farther, you will experience a difference in the landscape. North Florida is full of hills and you may even experience a pressure change, causing your ears to pop. So, bring some gum!

The drive is a long one and I can say without a doubt, North Florida is much more different than South Florida. If your looking to enjoy nature make sure you visit Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland, Florida. Don’t forget to make good use of the rest stops, and take time to see the animals! Whether the skies are sunny and blue or you’re facing a North Florida storm your drive from South Florida to North Florida will be a sight to see and I hope this post will help you along the way!

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