What to Do When in a Funk

Welcome to this post! Now, most of you have read the title and can relate in one way or another. What to do when in a funk. Well, it happens to all of us often or not in many ways or just one way that can reoccur or maybe it’s the first time. Today, I’m going to go into how to get out of the position, that you don’t want to be in. Many of us do not have it all figured out in life and I’m just the same. Although, I do have some experience with being successful in getting out of tough situations and jumping out of the funk in life. Some of these solutions I will talk about are studying and applying yourself, thinking and acting more positive, and staying away from things that will hinder your success.

Initially, when you are really in a funk you may spend some time just being stuck. When you decide to do something to help yourself is when you should start researching and studying what will help you. Sometimes we get this internal drive to just pick it up and apply yourself because you just want better. Even children can get this sense of wanting to be stronger and internalizing ways to do that. One example I have for you from my life would be my experience of not having parents to take care of me and not having it easy all my life, I felt that my only escape would be to focus on school and make it to college. Which, I did all on my own. It was my studying, research, and application of my own self, that got me through and made me part of who I am today. If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. Let’s say youโ€™re in a predicament with not being happy with how much money you are making or the job path you have chosen. Only you can hold yourself to a higher standard and believe you can do better and maybe even apply to jobs that require higher standards. If you believe in yourself, work hard, and become as hungry for it as you can be, then you can make it happen.

What if you don’t feel so good and just try to do better, but it’s not happening? Well, you have to realize that thinking and acting positive will bring opportunities in good time. Sometimes, it takes time! One way to become more positive is exercise. Exercise is one of the best things for you when you’re feeling down. It lights a fire, a drive and helps your body to release endorphins. I exercised almost every day of my 4-year college career and I can say it does help tremendously with every type of stress I endured, including the loss of my father in my sophomore year of college. If that does not convince you to turn to exercise for relief, then I don’t know what will!

Finally, a major way to get out of a funk or situation you just don’t like. Is to start to make changes in your life by cutting out the negatives and things that don’t make you happy nor bring success. You know what I’m talking about and it varies from person to person. If you can cut the negatives then you will see change! Activities, habits, events, memories, places, your own personality, and people can be some examples of things you need to really analyze. What is a complete negative, what do you think you can cut down on or stop doing so that you may be more successful in your daily life. One example I have is that I had to realize that not everyone has your best interest in mind. Don’t expect anyone to care about your responsibilities and success as much you should!

Now, I hope you have come to a realization that if you want to get out of the funk or just want better for yourself then some changes are in order. All of us are going to hit some kind of roadblock or hardship and there are ways to get out. Once you start applying yourself and learning about solutions to your problem, you can begin the process, but you have to have the drive to stick with it and exercise will help with motivation and even feeling more positive, and of course, you have to cut the negatives out and stop hindering yourself. Every day is a chance to work on who you are and what you want to do. Just don’t give up and remember it takes time!


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