Tips for Memorial Day in South Florida

Are you planning to spend your Memorial Day in South Florida? If you are then your going to have a good time as long as you know what to do and what not to do! I’ll provide you with a couple tips and suggestions to make sure you have some good ideas on what you want to get into! There are so many awesome things to do in the area of South Florida. Let’s make sure you have fun for your Memorial Day holiday!

Memorial Day equals fireworks, lots of people partying, BBQ food, enjoying the outdoors, drinking, and spending time with family and friends! I suggest that if you are going to do anything outdoors to get everything you need ready and easy to load up, so if you are going to beach or the park you can get there early. If you don’t get to the park super early, then there will be very limited available tables or grills available for you and your group. Some parks like Commons Park in Royal Palm Beach, FL require you to make a reservation to use their individual pavilions that include a table grill and most have there own dock. This is a great place to go even if you can’t find a table you can enjoy yourself out on the great lawn, play volleyball, let the kids play at the play ground, and bring your dog to the dog parks to have fun too. Click on this link to get more information

Memorial Day is really about honoring and celebrating the lives of those military personnel who have served our country and lost their life. If you would like to attend a ceremony I recommend you attend the Lake Worth Memorial Day Ceremony in Lake Worth Beach, FL at 10 am and lasting about an hour. You can get more information here

If you want to see fireworks in West Palm Beach for Memorial Day you can see them almost anywhere! People love shooting off fireworks to celebrate the holiday. You can go to almost any park (John Prince Park, Okeeheelee Park, Lake Worth Beach Park, Flagler Park downtown, Dreher Park, Bryant Park, etc.) Everyone shoots fireworks, and you could even buy your own at a store like TNT fireworks So have fun, but be safe!

Making it a party trip to South Beach?! Well expect traffic and no parking, but like I said the key to Memorial Day is getting there early. If you don’t then you will be in traffic for hours and finding parking could mean being a long distance from the beach. On the positive side being in traffic bumper to bumper means your going to witness people turning up, blasting music, and being friendly from their cars, in traffic and this kind of sets the mood for having a good time! If you get there late I recommend not wasting too much time looking for parking on Ocean drive, its fun to check out whats going on before you walk there, but if you want to find parking quick check the garages here is a link to help you find parking good for you If you are ready for the crowds and lots of people on the beach go to 7th street and Collins Ave. A place I recommend to visit is Fat Tuesday right on 9th and Collins, when you get hot and need a break from the beach. They have cheaper drinks and food options. Now if your broke and hungry hit up the pizza spots! If you want some good Cuban food go to Las Olas Cafe you won’t regret it, its before Washington Ave, on Euclid Ave and 6th st.

Whatever you decide to do while in South Florida for Memorial Day, I hope you have fun! There is so much to do in South Florida, but keep in mind there will be crowds and parking will be hard to find so get there before the crowds! Especially if you don’t want to waist time waiting in lines, have to park far away, pay too much. Enjoy! Have a happy Memorial Day!

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