What Beach Should I Go To?

Everyone is searching for that perfect beach, but sometimes it can be hard to find. In West Palm Beach, we have a wide variety of beaches, but not every beach can be comfortable and easily accessible. You’re sitting there asking yourself what Beach should I go to? Imagine you have kids, chairs, beach toys, an umbrella, towels, personal belongings, and you have to carry all of this to the right spot on the beach. Most of the time it’s a far walk to the right spot, crowded, and let’s not forget most beaches are requiring you to pay for parking. Ocean Ridge Hammock Park is awesome! 😎

If you are looking for a beach that will make it easy and comfortable for you to go to the beach, you have to take a beach day at Ocean Ridge Hammock Park. It has free parking, a really cool jungle walkway, a short boardwalk, beautiful sand, a short walk to the shore, and beautiful blue shallow waters. So, make sure you visit Ocean Ridge Hammock Park, wear a string bikini and be very comfortable with lots of space to spread out and get a great tan!

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